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Rodenstock SLA & Claim Form

RODENSTOCK agrees to use its best endeavors to dispatch HG orders within 9 working days from receipt of order (or frame if glazed order) for local stock, and 12 working days for imported orders. 

Please note that Saturday and Sunday shall not be deemed to be working days, and exceptions are: 

• Mirror coatings 

• All lenses of Index 1.74 

• Out of range prescriptions & Manufaktur products • Frame reglazes 

• Specialised sports glazing 

• Force Majeure Events 

Any product that falls outside of the above-mentioned service level, a practice will be able to make a claim and if mutually agreed, will be credited in full when the Customer claims such when using the claims form.

Here is the a link to the PDF of the above Rodenstock SLA 

Then the Claim Form is below. 

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