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Practice Visit Process


The Video team will at some point be coming to visit your practice or re-visiting if we have previously been. Our main goals when we come to visit you are to:

  • Capture video content for your practice video

  • Capture high-quality photographs of your practice and team for your website

Before we come to visit you we will get in contact with you to plan our visit and talk about any ideas you may have.

Please watch the video below for an in-depth look into the Pre-Visit Process.

The Visit

Once everything is planned and the date has come for your visit. Usually two members of the Video Team will arrive at your practice just before our set time. We will then setup our equipment and begin capturing both video content and photography.

These are the main things we will be capturing:

  • Staff interviews

  • Patient interviews

  • Patient journey footage

  • Footage of your practice

  • Individual headshots

  • Team photos

  • Photography of your practice

Please watch the video below for an in depth look into the Visit Process


After a successful visit to your practice the next step is for us to organise your content and begin editing your videos. The editing process can take a while depending on our workload and schedule. Once we have edited a rough draft of your videos we will send you the links to 'Wipster' our video review platform where you can view your videos and leave feedback directly on the video. Please click here for a 'Wipster' tutorial. Once we receive your feedback we will work on any amendments you requested and repeat the process.

Once you are happy with your videos we will upload them to your YouTube Channel and give the links to the Digital team for them to upload the videos to your website. We will also send you the links to your videos so you can post your videos on your social media channels.

Please watch the video below for an in depth look into the Post-Visit Process.

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