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How we communicate

A guide to all our communication channels

‘Whether you are new to HG or already part of the group, here is a handy guide and walk through on we communicate across the business, which includes the touch points to keep everyone updated’

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Quiet Desk



Why should I have a HG email address, when I already use one specific for my practice? 

The HG email address helps team members contact HQ team members and be recognised as part of the group. It also provides secure access to other HG platforms and systems 

We have posted a guide under the People area on HelpHub, which is titled: How to set up and access your HG email address. Please refer to this information to access your HG email address on your device, laptop, pc or mac.

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Mobile Phone

Internal communication platforms 


Basecamp 3.0 is an online collaboration application that allows HG team members to manage their work together and communicate with one another. Everyone in each practice is set up on Basecamp as part of their onboarding.

Practices are set up as a projects and there other user groups on the platform that are used for communication purposes. There is a user group for Sharks only, Fish and Sharks and all practice team members. The practices will use its own separate project where they will post the summary of their monthly practice Huddle, for visibility and input by their practice buddy and other HG departments.

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Young Business Colleagues

Your practice buddy 

Every practice in the group is assigned a practice buddy. It is the practice buddy’s responsibility to look after that practice during the transition period and become the first point of contact for the practice under business as usual.


Typically, they will start supporting new practices four weeks before completion takes place and the buddy will introduce the practice to the Hakim Group way of working.

They will cover aspects such as supply chain, reporting, pricing, HG benefits, stock profiling. Another part of the buddy’s role is to introduce, show, monitor and share best practice and supports the relationship between HQ and the practice team.

Please spend sometime speaking to your practice buddy, when they visit your practice.


You can see all our practice buddies on HelpHub and details of how to contact each of them

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HelpHub is our ‘one stop shop’ for everything HG’

Here, you will find a number of useful resources to support the operation of your practice all under one roof, which is split into the various HGHQ departments 

Here is a short video on HelpHub showing you how to navigate around the platform

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Conference Crowd

Annual conferences & Webinars

Throughout the year we host a number of events for HG practice team members, whilst organising webinars for any critical updates covering operational or clinical changes for practices.

  • We have Sharktanks, which is a normal quarterly get together for our practice partners in once location.

  • We have Fishtanks, which focus on our key operators in each practice (The Fish)

Part of our culture is the famous annual retreat, so everyone working in the group can get together at a yearly event. There will be suppliers, guest speakers, details on what the journey ahead looks like and a chance to have some fun

If you have just joined the group, or would just like to experience our previous events then please access our Media vault on HelpHub

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Traditional Library

Learning group and sharing best practise 

We have a number of opportunities for new & existing Sharks and Fish to get involved in the HG Leadership programme, which is hosted by Gavin Rebello who is one of our most experienced Sharks. The sessions are designed to develop practical skills to improve practice performance and to also share best practise with other attendees.

If you want to find out more and are interested in joining the different support programmes available then you can access the prospectus on HelpHub through the training area.


Any more information then please contact us on 

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practice HUddles

It is part of our culture at HG that each practice team take part in a weekly / monthly and quarterly team huddle. Based on best practise, this will result in improved communication, transparency, consistency and ultimately performance at all levels. The nominated person will report back to each team member on a weekly basis and then post the summary of the Huddle through their practice Basecamp project.

For the teams who already do this consistently, we have seen improvement in engagement levels. We want to encourage all team members to give all of their best each day, committed to our values, our culture and motivated to contribute to our success. This level of communication also generates an enhanced sense of own well-being and happiness in the working environment and will aid personal development.

At the end of each month & quarter, the monthly / quarterly review will take place as part of the weekly team huddle. This will include a full review of all team objectives and performance.

To find out more, please speak to your practice buddy and we have produced a HG Huddle - Practice guideline document which you can access on HelpHub as additional support

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Viewpoint Magazine

Viewpoint is HG’s internal magazine and it’s where we celebrate the achievements of everyone within the group, both in practice and in HGHQ. If you’re new to the group, Viewpoint is a fantastic resource to get a real flavour of the HG culture, as it features perspectives from both your other team members in practice and the support team at Head Office. 

Along with the latest news, and the new faces who have joined the HG family, you’ll find roundups of the big events on the HG calendar. We also feature important updates from HGHQ, including future plans and top tips which will help you and your practice teams.

Viewpoint is all about YOU, so we always welcome your input, whether it be to contribute to articles, give us some feedback or to let us know about a special achievement or milestone which deserves celebrating. To contact the team, please email

You’ll usually find Viewpoint in print at each big HG get-together, where you’ll be able to take home a copy to peruse at your leisure. But you can also read the latest issue anytime online, along with back issues, by clicking the link below:

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Our Culture - How we say it

In case you hadn’t already realised, Hakim Group is far from a conventional company. We aren’t afraid to do things differently, both in terms of our approach and culture.

Over the years, we’ve slowly created our own language to effectively communicate what we do and how we do it.

Here’s a brief glossary of how we say it!

our culture

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