How we work

The Magic Ingredients

Some may call it values, others may define it as culture. Whatever the words or language we use, ultimately, the very existence of the Hakim Group is built on these fundamental principles.



Our foundation is built on honesty and integrity. We never walk away from challenges or difficulty and always ensure that our decision making is based on fairness, transparency and doing the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking.



We will help those around us to dream often and dream big! We believe that every one in
our growing group at each level is critical in the contribution they make to our ongoing success. Our attitude is to strive for Constant And Never Ending Improvement in every area to underpin growth in our technical ability, market presence and customer experience.



We will respect everyone that walks through our door and treat them with humility and kindness. We will take the time to understand each other, whether it be customers or team colleagues and approach every interaction with a positive mindset. We will go above and beyond to help each other, both within and beyond our working environment.



We will work harder than everyone else around us. A can-do attitude coupled with a relentless work ethic strengthens us with more agility and dynamism than our competitors when exploring new opportunities to learn, grow and discover.



It’s our attention to detail that really matters, the focus on small things that make us different. The words that we use, our commitment to doing those odd tasks that nobody else wants to do that gives us the results that nobodyelse gets. We understand that our collective achievements are a consequence of the many small successes combined.

“We will always have fun in everything we do”

Our Philosophy

Our number one aim is for everyone who joins the business is to teach them to FISH. What does learning to FISH mean? Simple! We want to help you Find Inner Self Happiness.


Our qualified FISH normally hold a senior role within the practice but we believe that everyone within the Hakim Group has the potential to achieve this.

This means that you feel completely happy in your role with us. When you get out of bed in the morning, you go to work confident that you have everything you need to tackle whatever life throws at you. Whether its additional training to help you progress your career, marketing tools to help your business to thrive or our range of benefits, such as the Financial Flexibility Fund, which lets you know that you need a helping hand.

Once you’ve learned to FISH, you’ll find that not only will your performance continually increase; you’ll begin to inspire others around you.


Our sharks are the backbone of the business. Becoming a shark means that you are not afraid to take risks to achieve your goals.

Sharks are survivors, heroes, achievers, risk takers and have the knowledge.

Being a shark is not easy and requires unique qualities that not everyone has but make no mistake; it is a rewarding journey. So, rewarding in fact that in over 10 years of business, we’ve never lost a single shark.

How do I fit in?

As a valued colleague, regardless of role and responsibility you play a huge part on how the Hakim Group values and culture are adopted in a practice environment from HQ.

Working in HQ, you will interact with your own department and the rest of the team but also communicate with the practices potentially on a daily basis as part of your role. We really want you to become a true advocate of the Hakim Group culture and values so you can spread the word. Please let us know how we can support you with this?

Throughout the year, you will also get to meet the practice team members, including fish tanks, shark tanks and the annual retreat.

We believe that the Hakim Group is a one stop shop for all your employment needs and will support you 100% in providing the best opportunities for development and progression.

We want you support your journey on learning to “FISH”; Find Inner Self Happiness.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the article above, use contact details below to get in touch with the team.

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