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Styling & Dispensing Campaign

Styling & Dispensing Campaign


As optometrists, you know the importance of the advanced clinical services you offer, for some patients, this service can be life-changing. This level of care and attention to detail is ultimately why your patients choose you over your competitors to look after their eyes.


If your patients value the time and care they receive in the test room, why would you not provide a service fit for a celebrity during their dispense?


Picking a pair of spectacles is not life-changing, but it can also be much more than just picking a good-looking pair of spectacles. 


Many Optical Advisers and Dispensing Opticians already provide Styling Consultations, so the marketing team at HQ has created a bank of assets to help you take that service to the next level while raising awareness of this unique step in the customer journey.


This type of service can help you stand out from your competitors, it's the independent touch!



Campaign information

We have designed assets to support you! You can view the designs in the campaign guide below.



Increasing ADV | Increasing Conversions


Assets available:

A1 poster x1

A5 strut card x3

Organic social media posts

Recommendation pad x5 (25 pages per pad)

Spectacle care vouchers x200

Tag and share cards x200

Appointment confirmation email template

Landing page


Total cost - £105*

*Please note these are suggested assets. It is not compulsory to order all items suggested. Let us know which ones you would like within your JotForm request.


To opt-in:

To opt into the campaign, please complete this form:

Download PDF • 3.89MB



Simple steps to add to the patient journey

Step 1 - Getting to know your patient


Once the patient arrives:


Sit the patient down with a hot drink and work with them to complete some lifestyle/styling questions. This will help you understand who they are and give you an idea of what type of eyewear they prefer.


Here are a few questions you could ask:


  • Would you like to go for something in a similar style to what you currently wear or are you open to something completely new/different?


  • Do you have a preference when it comes to materials and colours? i.e. neutral, coloured, metal or acetate?


  • Do you wear multiple pairs of glasses and switch out your look depending on your outfit, prescription or activity?


  • Would this be your main pair?


  • Do you wear contact lenses?


  • Would you like your lenses to change in the sunlight and become tinted?


Step 2 - Understanding their facial features


Once the questions are complete, you can then use the assets we have created to take into account the facial features of your patient.


  • Use the face shapes guide to consider shapes and complimentary styles


  • Consider skin complexion/hair colouring and tone that will complement each other


Once the first part of the consultation has taken place the patient would go in for an eye examination (if having one on the day).


Step 3 - Finding the perfect frame!


Now that you've completed the first two steps, it's time to decide which frames you feel fit your patient. Once you've made your selections, place the frames on a presentation tray (linked below) for the patient. The cushioned tray provides a sense of professionalism and a luxury feel to the consultation.


When the patient returns from their eye examination, sit them down again to explain your choices. A mix of frames is ideal, based on the patient’s past styles as well as different styles that you think could work for them.


The patient can then try on the different styles. At this point, you could also have the option of an iPad where you can take pictures of the patient in the frames to help make their decision... looking good!


This can be useful for patients who struggle without their glasses and don't have contact lenses on the day.


Step 4 - Time to dispense


Once the patient has decided on their perfect frame you can then work your magic with the lens options. Using the lifestyle questions to help advise on the best choice for them.


Once your patient has selected both their frame and lenses, use the recommendation pad to make notes of the selections discussed and to talk through payment options. You can give the patient a copy of this to take away with them to confirm what has been ordered. Or alternatively, they can take it away if they need further time to decide. 


Step 5 - Collection time


This is the most exciting time of the journey for your patient - the day they collect their new spectacles! Sit down the patient and present to them their spectacles on your presentation tray. Accompany them with the case and cloth.


Ensure the vision through the spectacles is clear and the patient is happy. Perform any adjustments needed for the fitting before advising them they can pop in any time for complimentary minor adjustments. 


Clear any remaining balance and provide the patient with a spectacle care voucher to take away with them. When your patient is at their happiest point, ask them to take a picture of themselves in their new spectacles and tag your practice on social media. They can do this by scanning the QR code on the tag and share card you will provide.


Pop all the items in a bag and the 5-step consultation is complete!

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