End of year - FAQs

This section contains some of the most commonly-asked questions we receive. We will update this with any new questions, so please check in here as your first stop if you have anything you would like to ask.

When I click on the link to open my pack, I receive an error message. What should I do?

First, try opening the link on a different computer/device. If it still won't open, then please contact the End of Year team on endofyear@hakimgroup.co.uk.

I can't seem to find my email with the link to my pack?

Click here to request the email containing the link to your pack.

When I click on a link in the guidance documents, it doesn't appear to work?

To activate a link, press CTRL and left-click on the link at the same time

Will I lose Health Index points if my stock take is done after the date shown on the Health Index?

No. We have disabled the points for stock takes, so now this figure is purely advisory

If I receive a frame as part of a glazing package, do I need to record this on the Delivery Note Tracker?

No. You only need to record delivery notes for items that you intend to keep in stock.

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