End of Year - Introduction and guide

We are once again approaching the end of the year and this means that, just as in previous years, we now need all practices to complete some key tasks to ensure that our Operational processes meet the requirements of external audits.

This is an important process for both our practices and our group as a whole. The audits we are subject to in the new year are thorough and so we would ask that you not only complete the exercise by the deadlines but that you do it accurately, so we can in turn provide accurate and timely declarations to our auditors in the new year.

An End of Year support pack, which contains guidance, links to working documents and spreadsheets specifically designed for your practice has been sent to the practice Shark(s), the Fish or operational lead (where known) and your practice Buddy.

If you need the link for your End Of Year Support Pack to be re-sent, please CLICK HERE and fill in the request form.

All supporting resources can be found under the End of Year area on HelpHub and there is a dedicated inbox set up to capture any questions and offer any support in completing all essential tasks, which is endofyear@hakimgroup.co.uk 

Good luck and please do get in touch with any questions and we’ll be here to help

The End of Year Team

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