Health Index - Scoring

The Health Index scoring system is broken down in to individual metrics that change depending on how long you have been using the platform.

The video below explains how your Health Index Score is broken down across the metrics and how to enterpret your score on PowerBI.

You can also find a detailed breakdown of the scoring systems and what might cause you to lose points below -

Cash Debt

If you do not have any debt over 180 days old – 20 points, otherwise 0.

NHS Debt

If you do not have any debt in Pending over 90 days old or in Submitted over 120 days old – 20 points, otherwise 0. If you have vouchers in the practice that are approaching 3 months old, please submit them for payment. This will then give you up to 120 days from the date the voucher was created before you lose any points.

Corporate and Enhanced Services Debt

If you do not have any debt over 180 days old – 20 points, otherwise 0. Miscellaneous Sales If you have no incidences of miscellaneous sales with no detail of the items recorded – 10 points otherwise 0. If you have no incidences of frames sold as miscellaneous items that should have been a dispense – 10 points otherwise 0.

Ad Hoc

If there are no incidences of Ad Hoc lenses for the week – 10 points otherwise 0. Email If your weekly email percentage exceeds your yearly percentage – 10 points, otherwise 0.


If your weekly email percentage exceeds your yearly percentage – 10 points, otherwise 0.


If the date of your last stocktake was less than 4 weeks ago – 20 points otherwise 0.

Petty Cash

No incidences of Petty Cash transactions with no details recorded – 20 points otherwise 0. Till Transactions No incidences of till discrepancies over £5 – 20 points otherwise 0.

Sight Tests

No Incidences of discrepencies between the number of sight test recorded on the diary and the number of sights recorded clinically - 40 points, otherwise 0. This is a significant increase in comparison to other metrics on the Health Index. This is a reflection of how important, from both a compliance and business perspective, getting this right is.

Succesfully following this scoring will lead to a total of 200 points. However, there are some extra criteria to consider: There is a timetable for new practices coming on to Optix and the metrics you are measured on changes appropriately.

First Month – Misc. Sales, Ad Hoc, Emails, Petty Cash, Till Discrepancies and Sight Tests – Total score 120

Second Month – As above, plus Stock – Total score 140

Fourth Month – As above, plus NHS Debt – Total Score 160

Seventh Month – As above, plus Cash and Corporate Debt – Total 200 points If you are a practice that does not do any Corporate or Enhanced schemes then your total score is 180.

Your score each week is then turned into a percentage, based on the current maximum score possible (see above). Please note that if you have not tested during the previous week then although your weekly score will show a zero for emails, your actual score will not be affected by this and is adjusted to take this into account.

This covers the main questions we are asked about the Health Index scoring system, but please contact if you have any other questions.

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