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Health Index Alerts

To help you correct errors before they lose you points, we now have a facility that allows us to send you an alert whenever a discrepancy is triggered in your Health Index.

Each day, after we have updated your Health Index, the data is monitored for discrepancies from the previous day. If any are found an alert is triggered and an email is sent directly to your inbox. The email looks like this:


Clicking on the button will then open your Health Index (you may need to login) and take you directly to the alerts overview page pictured below:


This shows you the number of discrepancies in each category on the Health Index. The colour of each bar on the bar chart matches the colour key on the left hand side. As you can see from the date, this shows only discrepancies from the previous day.

To see more detail about these discrepancies, right-click on any of the bars, select Drillthrough and then select Details. This will take you to this screen:



In this example the practice has Cash Debt over 180 days old and this broken down in to individual transactions in the first table (the colours of the headers match the bar colours from the previous screen).


Clicking on the arrow will take you back to the previous page.


You can then view of all this information in greater detail by clicking on “Daily Reports” in the left-hand list and selecting your practices daily report.


This is designed to give you a quick and easy visibility into your practices routines, even if you can’t always be there.


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