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Manual trading process

Whether your practice operates with Optix or with alternative CRM system, sometimes outages can be experienced which can be a real challenge particularly at peak trading times.  It’s important that the team are aware of how to continue to trade in the event of a system failure and by having a clear plan and ensuring this is executed brilliantly, this will support the patient journey and prevent the loss of sales revenue with potential cancelled appointments.

This guidance document will help the team deal with these situations and detail how to develop a team plan to cope with system failures. There are three types of system outages that could occur within a practice: •  Optix or CRM general failure – Generally no notice during trading hours and could be a national Optix outage •  Optix or CRM failure including phone lines – A more serious unplanned outage which also affects communication channels •  Optix or CRM planned outage – These are general system updates which may impact trading under a planned process If your phone lines fail then you will need to ensure that you have a manual card swipe and template, so that you can continue to take card payments.

Every practice should have received this equipment when the PDQ card terminal was originally set up, however if you do not have one then please email the facilities team on

Best practises:

• Write on the printed orders any outstanding balances to support reconciliation through Optix in the event of a system failure. Also record any monies taken and by what method.  • Set up a manual trading folder on the practice PC so that the team can easily access the support documents in the event of a system failure.  Maybe also a good idea to print out copies of the support pack ready.  • Set up a process to print or save the diary page for the following trading day from Optix (or alternative CRM)  • All the best practices have a plan - Create a manual  trading strategy and communicate this to the team at your next Huddle  • Create a system allowing your practice to add payments and clinical information back onto Optix (or alternative CRM) following the outage. Nominate a member of the team who will be responsible for doing this.

We have included a PDF version of this document, which can also be printed out as part of a manual pack.

Download PDF • 592KB

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