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Monthly Direct Debit Tracker

The Monthly Direct Debt Tracker can be used to accurately show the breakdown of your Optix Direct Debits.


This allows you to see in detail the amount that you will receive after transaction charges, fees, VAT and unpaids are taken into account and will give you an accurate figure to add on to the Performance Tracker on the last Sunday of every month.

You can view details for any month of the year, using the filter on the right hand side of the screen.


When opening this app, you will be welcomed to the start screen. The four options available are as follows –


  • Payments

  • Growth Tracker

  • Unpaids

  • Schemes Breakdown



The “Payments” button will bring you to the screen below and shows you a breakdown of each month’s direct debits.


The “Growth Tracker” screen below shows how your direct debits have grown over the year, across both Spectacles and Contact Lens’.



The “Unpaids” screen below shows any payments that we’re unable to go through, and includes the patients name and ID number so that you can chase these payments.



The “Schemes Breakdown” screen can be used to see which scheme is most popular, along with a detailed supply breakdown for each patient.


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