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What is Giftbox? Giftbox is a discount platform which entitles you money off through cashback, re-loadable cards and instant vouchers.

As well as this, Giftbox also has a Wellbeing section which can be accessed by everybody which supports the 4 M's of wellbeing; Move, Munch, Money and Mind.

What does it cost me? Giftbox is free to everybody employed directly by the Hakim Group. How do I access it? You will be sent an invite email to sign in to the service within 6 weeks of joining. The site can be accessed by the website or by the "Smart Spending" app which is available on the Android and Apple app stores. What can I save on? Loads! Giftbox has access to thousands of different retailers. You can get money off supermarkets, car insurance, clothing, days out and electrical goods to name but a few. When are you looking to make a purchase, check Giftbox first to see if you can save yourself any money. How do I save? There are 3 different ways to save on Giftbox: Re-loadable card When you purchase a re-loadable card, you only pay for a percentage of the value. e.g. if you bought a reloadable card for a supermarket with a 10% saving, you would pay £9.00 and the card you receive would have £10.00 on it Cashback The cashback service works by giving you money back on purchases you make through a retailers website. Sign in to Giftbox and you will be able to access the retailers website through there. If the retailer is offering 45% cashback, you will receive 45% of what you spend back to your Giftbox account where you can transfer it to your bank account, gift it to charity or spend it on another Giftbox service. Instant vouchers Instant vouchers are emailed straight to you to use as voucher codes. The voucher code is entered in to the payment section of the retailer and will apply your discount instantly. What if I have more questions? If you have any questions about the service itself then there is a support section on the Giftbox website. Alternatively, contact

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