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HG Mental Health escalation process

Our number one priority in HG is to look after our team members and to create an open culture and environment where people feel comfortable to raise issues regarding their mental health allowing everyone access to support without prejudice or stigma. Every team member will have access to a mental health representative through the training that is being delivered by MHFA, whether this is somebody in practice, a buddy or one of the HR team at HGHQ, who will have the confidence and training to identify, support and sign post somebody experiencing an episode of poor mental health. There are also many different challenges our team members may face which impact on their physical, mental, emotional, social, or financial health or issues of welfare. Part of this is also about creating an open environment culture about Mental health and making this part of the practice DNA and its culture. At HGHQ we will be promoting a ‘Time to talk’ campaign and the practice representative will be supported with a Take 10 together toolkit, which will be provided as part of their Mental Health aware training. At HGHQ we would like the relevant practice Shark or Fish, to make us aware of any incidents relating to team members mental health or wellbeing. This either could be something that you were able to resolve through your conversations with the team member, or an incident which you feel uncomfortable in dealing with and requires some further reassurance and support. Either way, the HR team at HGHQ will be on hand to offer further advice and help where necessary and help you and your team member through that journey. By being aware of team members who have reached out to us, we can ensure we sign post them to the appropriate support. Having knowledge of cases across the group will allow us to tailor our wellbeing plan to support team members by reviewing wellbeing trends and emerging challenges. 

Escalation process: 

1. Nominated, trained Mental health aware team member, to have a discussion with the impacted team member directly regarding issues with their mental health. Refer to your Take 10 together toolkit, which will support the conversation 

2. Contact a member of the HR team through the email to register this as an incident. They will collate all details of the team member, discussions held so far and ongoing actions 

3. Decision on whether to refer to occupational health or Simply health for specialist support 

4. Incident report updated including any ongoing actions or incident closed

Please reach out to a member of the HR team by using the contact form below or email direclty on 

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