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Locum registration process to work in a practice

Please follow this policy and process on registering a locum to work in your practice.

As part of the registration process please complete the form to apply for a temporary or long term locum to be able to gain access to Optix or other CRM platform, which also includes the requirement for every locum to complete a contract as per the policy. 

Locum Optix/CRM Access Form: Click here

After completing the Locum access form please use the following link to complete a CEST form (Check of Employment Status for Tax). To find out if your Locum should be classed as employed or self-employed for tax purposes.

To access the CEST form, please: Click here

All applications can take up to 7 days to complete to provide Optix access, as long as the GDPR training is completed and accreditation confirmed by the ISO team.

Please note: As per policy every locum must complete their GDPR training regardless as to whether they are using HG Optix, another Optix version or an alternative CRM platform. If your practice operates another CRM platform or your own version of Optix, you will still need to complete the form which will register for the issuing of a contract and GDPR training only.

Download PDF • 219KB

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