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Recruitment Agencies - Preferred Supplier List

What’s the change…

We’ve looked at the recruitment agencies we use for permanent optometrist recruitment across the group and reviewed them to create a Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) . The preference would always be to fill vacancies via the internal team without an agency fee but there will be occasions where we need extra support.

Why ….

We want to partner with external providers in a fair and consistent way for both us and the agencies, working with consistent terms and conditions that protect our practices and drive value for money. A way that we can centrally support to manage the supplier relationships , tracking rebate periods and supporting performance.

What’s the benefit of using a list of suppliers….

  • Suppliers on the list are partners that understands our values and can engage with candidates in a confident way about practices.

  • Suppliers on the list are agencies that make our vacancies a priority as we have an agreed way of working with them and they know they are a preferred supplier for the group.

  • A way of the talent team being able to track and support practices with rebate periods , candidate ownership disputes and any other agency challenges.

  • A set fee and standardised terms and conditions for practices across the group.

  • An agreement that agencies on our PSL will not Headhunt from any Hakim Group practice.

How do I contact the suppliers….

The suppliers on our preferred supplier list are Talent Shed , Prospect Health & Lunaria. Your Talent Partner can share any vacancies you have and set up briefing call’s if required.

Recruitment PSL_Dec22
Download PDF • 173KB

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