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Shark induction overview


Here are the details which cover Shark Induction for any partners who are new to role/new to Hakim Group. The induction has been designed to support you in the day-to-day running of the practice as well as developing your leadership skills.

The Induction has 3 different elements:

Part 1 (first month and beyond): In-Practice support from your Buddy

Your Practice Buddy will be your key support during the first few weeks, taking you through how to log into new systems, showing you any new processes or procedures and being on hand to answer any questions you may have. Once the initial induction is complete your Buddy will then continue to provide ongoing support to you and your team(s)

Part 2 (first 3 months): Introduction to HGHQ departments – in the form of eLearning modules hosted on the HG Academy

You will also be able to access key information* about the following teams and how they will be able to support you in Practice:

• Sharks Ways of Working

• How we Communicate

• People team – People Services, Payroll & Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development

• Clinical Governance & Professional Advancement

• Facilities

• Finance

• Growth team – Marketing, PR, Digital & Production

• Operations – Health Index, Performance Tracker, GroHawk, Introduction to Optix

• Buying & Supply

• Amplify

*Please note that this content would also be suitable for any new Practice Managers and any existing Fish/Sharks who may need a refresher.

These modules can be accessed at any time from day 1 which means that you can learn what you want, when you want.

Part 3 (month 4 onwards): A 2-day face-to face Leadership Event at HGHQ in Darwen

The last part of your onboarding will take place from month 4 onwards, when hopefully the dust has settled somewhat, and you’ll be ready for a new opportunity to develop. You will be invited to attend a 2-day training programme at HGHQ, hosted by Kath Truman (Learning & Development Manager) and members of Sharklink, where we will be covering the following content:

• The role of a leader (vs Manager and Operator)

• Managing self & understanding your communication style

• Time management & delegation

• The people cycle (Recruitment, onboarding, optimising performance)

• Having ‘difficult’ conversations

• HR mechanics – managing under-performance, conduct and attendance

• Driving key KPIs/Finance made easy

As part of the 2 days there will also be some ‘free time’ where you will be able to book in some time with the HQ departments of

your choice to discuss any current or future support you need

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