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User Guide ICIMS - How to raise a vacancy

As we continue to embed and improve the recruitment system ICIMS we have made some changes to improve your experience and the experience of candidates.

The link to ICIMS can be found here and on HG Dashbaord, which is built into the side menu on HelpHub.

If you have any problems logging into ICMS or do not have a login, please contact Recruitment

What are the changes

When raising a vacancy there will a reduced list of options that you can pick from depending on the type of role you want to recruit for.

There are more customable fields to be able to personalise your practice requirements.

We have moved a version of the user guide to the first page of ICIMS.

Optimised advert text to rank higher in search result and engage with a wider audience.

Why have we made the changes?

We have streamlined the process to make it quicker and more straightforward to raise a vacancy with the option to personalise the information to make it relevant to your practice. We have optimised all our advert copy so it can reach a wider audience using engaging language. The advert text has sections that can be customised to make it induvial to your practice.

How can I learn more?

You can find the user guide below, or on the home page of ICIMS.

User Guide ICIMS - How to raise a vacancy
Download PDF • 531KB

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