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COVID-19 Practice incident reporting and latest guidance

COVID Update (England) – pausing LFD testing of asymptomatic Team Members (during low case prevalence)

The College of Optometrists have updated their guidance in relation to asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 during low case prevalence.

NHS England recently published a letter stating that asymptomatic LFD testing for COVID-19 infection across optometry practices can pause with immediate effect in England. This is in light of a significant reduction in COVID-19 case prevalence, but the decision may change over the upcoming winter months when seasonal respiratory infections are expected to increase.

  • Practices should complete an occupational risk assessment for team members who are considered higher risk or work in direct contact with patients at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 infection, to determine whether asymptomatic LFD testing may be of value.

  • Practices should contact their local health and safety representatives (medical directors, nursing directors, or directors of infection prevention and control) to consider continuing asymptomatic LFD testing for specific individuals.

LFD testing will continue to be available for optometry team members with symptoms of COVID-19, and return to work criteria following a positive test result continues to apply.

Staff members who recieve a positive LFD test result for COVID-19 should continue not to attend work for a minimum of 5 days and can return to work once they have had two consequtive negative LFD test results (taken at least 24 hours apart) CLICK HERE for more details.

Here is our guidance on how to report and manage COVID incidents in your practice:

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