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PAT Test Register

All items electrical items which have a plug on, including extension leads, need to be tested every two-years and should have a sticker on the plug detailing the last test date, or if the lead can be removed from the appliance, it should have the sticker on the plug and the appliance.

New items need to be tested within two years of purchase. It is good practice to add a sticker with the date of acquisition so you can readily see that the testing requirements are being adhered to. If an item is brought into the practice that is more than two years old, it should not be used until it has been tested.

NB All electrical items in and/or brought into the premises should be added to the register below. A line should be put through the entry if the appliance is removed. The Log is to be presented to the PAT tester when they come to test the appliances and checked against the PAT testing record, they produce.

PAT testing can be organised by completing this Jot Form a contractor will then be in contact to book a test.

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