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SOP 1.4 Refusing to see a patient

SOP 1.4

Refusing to see a patient



A GOC registered professional can make a decision to refuse to see a patient for an eye test however this reason must be justified.

If working under GOS, you have a contractual obligation to examine any patients attending your practice who are eligible for GOS. Therefore, you need to have reasonable grounds to refuse patients. You cannot refuse eye tests based on sex, race etc grounds


The following situations may justify as refusal to test


·       Where there exists, or there is fear of, physical violence

·       Where there is discriminatory behaviour

·       Where there are health and safety hazards, e.g. broken equipment

·       Where the care required is outside the scope of competence or training e.g. managing complex binocular vision issues in primary care

·       Where the patient is known to you in a personal capacity



The patient should be advised of the reason why in private, or in writing. If there are any concerns, the Optometrist can be accompanied another team member to chaperone.


If refusal is due to patient behaviour, an effort should be made to reconcile this in a calm manner before you make a final decision not to see them.


Patient details and reason for refusal must be recorded in the refusal log. CLICK HERE

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