Claire Slade

Head of Professional Advancement and Governance

How I support the practices...

I’m lucky in that I have 2 areas in which I support practices and most importantly our amazing people!

Firstly for the very sensible side of my role, I look after governance with the aim of doing everything I can to keep our customers, team members and JVPs safe and legal in a very simple and cost effective way.  I love making governance systems simple to understand and use so that compliance comes easy. I hate doing things “just because” and will only ask you to do something if it does and I can justify how it will protect colleagues, customers or JVPs.

I also look after the strategy and work for Clinical Advancement, which is everything to help people develop themselves to take on broader roles in this brilliant industry we are a part of.

A fact about me that is not work related...

I absolutely love yoga, it’s my third child that I nurture daily after my 2 teenagers (and sometime before the teens to enable me to handle the teens better). I’ve mastered some pretty tricky asanas (poses), and if you see me with a face bruise it’s probably because I’ve face planted the floor.