Shakeel Sidat

Commercial Finance Assistant

How I support the practices...

Well I have just started as a Commercial Finance Analyst working for Nabina.

I help with the reporting side of the business by delving into the performance of our practices.

I also help Nabina with the many projects that she has. There is a lot to learn and do within the business and I am loving the challenge.

A fact about me that is not work related:

In my spare time I like to spend it with my lovely wife and my hilarious one year old who is growing up way to fast.

I also like to watch my beloved team Manchester United through the good times and the bad. Which will tell you how loyal a person I am 😂.

And I also like to collect/sell trainers so if you need a plug drop me a message and lets do some business.

(for the oldies who don’t know. A plug is slang for someone who provides a service 🤣)

Fun fact about me is that I can pass any quiz on the tv show Friends…feel free to test me 😜