Zaahir Sayed

IT Executive

How I support the practices...

I work with the likes of Optix, Softcat, Venom, Soft Sell and our other preferred suppliers/service providers(SP) to plan, deliver and maintain the technology and infrastructure that underpins the computer systems and applications that you use daily.

On a daily basis I am mostly kept busy with planning and delivering on project work some examples of which are; network cabling installs for new acquisition practices going onto Optix or even existing practices that do not have stable networks; eGOS iPad rollout; computer rollouts, application rollouts, and really anything technology related that needs to be addressed on the wider HG estate level. I also assist/intervene for you and chase Optix, Venom etc to ensure practices receive a level of support expected by us.

I would say my primary goals are; to deliver on achieving efficiencies using technology and processes; simplify, consolidate and rollout systems and services to allow you, all our practices and head office staff to work effectively and productively.

A fact about me that is not work related...

When I moved over from South Africa to UK I had just £100 in my pocket. 15+ years later I still only have £100 in my pocket, just kidding, it's £200 now so 100% gains - progress!😂 Oh and I probably spent the first £20 on Snickers mmm. Also, I’m a Man Utd fan.