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Marketing Planning

Planning your marketing; what a delight. 

This process should take about 30-45 minutes (perhaps 20 if you really believe in yourself) and will take you through a number of steps to help plan out your marketing calendar for the year ahead.


Remember if you have any questions you can save them up for the end of this process and fire them over as part of "Step 5 - Any Questions?", or get in touch with the marketing team directly. 

The goal of this exercise is to help align your marketing to your KPIs, focus on your target audience and then select the messages you think will be most effective. Of course anything inputted during the below steps can be edited over time but this is a great way to get a solid foundation of marketing planned in for the year – and communicated with the team here at HG HQ. 

Step 1

Defining your KPIs

Step 2

Target Audience

Step 3

Practice Profile

Step 4

Planning Q1 - Q4

Step 5

Any Questions?

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